Pan fried celeriac

22 August 2014

This recipe turns an ugly duckling into a graceful swan! It is so simple to create a delicious dish with celeriac. Try out this recipe and see for yourself. [caption id="attachment_5435" align="alignnone" width="300"] Yummy pan fried celeriac[/caption]


Leek tart

15 August 2014

This fast and simple leek tart is a great appetiser for your next winter dinner party. Prepared in under ten minutes and baked in twenty-five this tart is set to impress.


Rainbow silverbeet pizza

8 August 2014

This pizza is simple, packed full of vitamins and minerals and tastes amazing! Enjoy it for dinner, and then take the leftovers for lunch the next day (if there is any left). 


Celery noodles with parsley pesto

1 August 2014

These faux noodles made from celery are light, healthy and great for something different. You can eat them with just about any topping but we like them with a fresh parsley pesto. 


Braised red cabbage

25 July 2014

This typical Dutch dish is so versatile. This recipe was handed down from my great grandmother through the generations and has been a family favourite for decades! The sweet flavour of the dish goes well with so many different meals; pork, stews and sausages are my favourites.


Coriander flavoured butter

18 July 2014

This flavoured butter turns the ordinary into something delicious. Use on vegetables, baked potatoes, fish or steak for a great new flavour combination.