Pineberry, Strasberry & Bubbleberry Guide ( Reverse Strawberries)

Pineberry (4)


We have had a great response from everyone about the three new release Berry United Range of Strawberries.

Pineberry: The red seeded, white strawberry with a tropical pineapple tang. Unique and beautiful in both appearance and taste. Sweetens off to a sensational, soft strawberry flavour.

Strasberry: The juicy, plump strawberry with a sweet raspberry flavor. Succulent and full of taste, perfect for all you strawberry lovers out there. This extremely juicy strawberry has the charictistics of a raspberry.

Bubbleberry: The little pink strawberry with a bubblegum/wild berry after taste. This pretty little gem is amazing to cook with. Jams, sauces, cakes and ice-cream, the possibilities are endless.

The Pineberry and the Strasberry are a cross between 2 strawberry varieties and the Bubbleberry is an Heirloom that has been around since the 16th centuary. NO GMO

Availability Bunnings
The Strawberries are currently available for purchase in Bunnings SA, NSW, TAS and WA NOW. They will be available in VIC and Far North QLD on the 18th of April. Available in QLD in the week commencing the 11th of April. (Available in 4 packs that include 2 “Berry United” Strawberries and 2 Pollinators. Please see below for important information about pollinators.)

Availability Mitre 10, HOME, Bunnings and all quality garden centers come June July. Strawberries will be available in 120mm pots and hanging baskets. (Hanging baskets contain both Berry United strawberries and Pollinators.)

The Strasberry and the Pineberry are not self pollinating. This means they need a little help from a red strawberry friend. Simply plant the Strasberry/Pineberry 30cm away from any quality red Strawberry.

United Nurseries recommends pollinators such as, Kamu Big Red or Alinta. Alina is a 9-month fruiter and Kamu Big Red will give you huge, succulent strawberries.
The Bubbleberry is self-pollinating and doesn’t require a red strawberry friend.


Select a sunny section ensuring that the soil is well drained and friable. For best results add animal manure and compost. Cultivate thoroughly. Plant 30cm apart. Water well until established.

Alternatively strawberry plants can be planted through black plastic. This reduces both weeds and watering while keeping the fruit clean. For small gardens strawberries can be grown in baskets and tubs. For best results use a premium potting mix and liquid feeding after plants are established ( use once a week when flowering.)

Strawberries need to be harvested regularly every three or four days as this enables new fruit to develop to full maturity.