• Blackberry Waldo Diggers Berry 125mm

    Blackberry Waldo Diggers variety is a new thornless blackberry variety with large intensely black berries of exceptional flavour. Less vigorous than other blackberry hybrids so is easier to train and harvest. Plant on a sturdy trellis or garden fence and enjoy a summer treat without having tobattle the nasty thorns when picking.

  • Blackcurrant Diggers Berry 125mm

    Blackcurrant Diggers variety has long been used to make the famous cordial loved by children. The berries give the syrup its dark, dark colour, and when mixed with a little sugar, have a very pleasant berry flavour. You can also make black Currant jam and jellies.

  • Blueberry ‘Sunshine Blue’ Diggers Berry 125mm

    Blueberry ‘Sunshine Blue’ is a low chill variety produces a heavy crop of mid sized summer fruit in almost any climate. Needing only 150 hours of winter chill, Sunshine Blue will fruit reliably even in the subtropics. This compact semi-evergreen shrub is also the most tolerant of a higher pH, and is well suited to […]

  • Diggers Cape Gooseberry 100mm

    Digger’s Cape Gooseberry: If the fruit is left inside the husks, its shelf life at room temperature is over 30 to 45 days. Sweet when ripe making it ideal for snacks, pies, jam or fruit salads.

  • Diggers Goji Berry 125mm

    The Tibetans, Koreans and Japanese have long known of the virtues of the Goji. Now in the west you can buy the dried berries or the juice at your local health food store, or you can grow your own and save a packet. This tough, weeping shrub has white stems that bare olive-like leaves. The […]

  • Diggers Melon Golden Midget 100mm

    Melon Golden Midget so named as the rind of this melon turns a rich golden yellow when the sweet, red flesh is ripe.

  • Diggers Melon Heirloom Mix 4 Cell Pack

    Melon Heirloom Mix: Heirloom mix of 4 different melons, unusual and flavoursome: Moon & Stars: Foliage and fruit skin are bedecked with stars. The thick dark green skin enables storage throughout winter. Ananas: A sweet and fragrant heirloom melon similar to pineapple taste. Prescott Fond Blanc: French heirloom with delectable, dense, fragrant flesh concealed by […]

  • Diggers Rockmelon Petit Gris Rennes

    Rockmelon Petit Gris Rennes is a very old heirloom that was first noted in a bishops garden in Rennes France over 400 years ago. It is still popular today because of its sublime flavour and fragrance. This compact vine and the small fruit make it the perfect melon for most suburban gardens. It also performs […]

  • Diggers Tomato Periforme Abruzzese

    Diggers Tomato Periforme Abruzzese produces plump, pear-shaped tomatoes which are  revered for  good flavour both as a fresh tomato and for making sauces.

  • Diggers Tomato Red and Black 100mm

    Diggers Tomato Red and Black is as black as a blackberry but with juicy red flesh. Its indigo blue skin ripens to jet black and is packed full of anti-oxidants. This most striking heirloom brings tomatoes closer to the nutrition of blueberries and lifes their plate appeal. Yield 8kg per plant.

  • Loganberry Diggers Berry 125mm

    A very well bred berry- originating from a cross between raspberry and blackberry, the loganberry is one of the most versatile. The deep purple berries can be used to make jam and jellies, for juicing and adding to lemonade, to put into pies and cakes and even for making wine. This bramble has no thorns, […]

  • Raspberry Diggers Gold Diggers Berry 125mm

    A variation on the traditional red raspberry. Raspberry Diggers Gold  brings a golden glow to summer desserts. This dual cropping raspberry produces sweet, soft berries in time for Christmas and then another delicious crop in autumn.

  • Raspberry Heritage Diggers Berry 125mm

    Raspberry Heritage is one of the autumn fruiting raspberries that are the easiest to prune because you just cut the whole lot down to the ground in winter. This variety produces a light summer crop followed by huge yields in autumn until the frosts start.

  • Youngberry Diggers Berry 125mm

    Youngberry is a trailing Rubus cross of Raspberry/ Blackberry and Dewberry. The sweet juicy black/purple berries produced in summer can be eaten fresh or preserved in jam.