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  • Roasted garlic
    Roasted garlic is a truly yummy way to eat garlic. It can be used on its own, spread on warm bread as an appetiser or in replace of raw garlic for a new twist on your favourite recipes. [/intro] Ingredients: Top Taste garlic Good quality olive oil Method: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius […]
  • Preserved garlic
    If you are careful to sterilise your jars correctly (See tips) this garlic will last up to six months in the fridge! Ingredients: 2 cups of Top Taste garlic cloves, peeled  3 Top Taste red chillies, chopped 2 cups good quality olive oil Method: Place all the ingredients in a heavy based saucepan Simmer ingredients over low […]
  • garlic Early White 100mm
    Also known as ‘American Garlic’, Garlic Early White is a versatile garlic that produces purple flushed fruit very early in the season. The best garlic to use to add a softer garlic flavour to dishes.
  • Chives garlic 100mm
    Chives Garlic is a clumping, grass like herb with mild garlic flavour. Culinary use soup, salad or garnish. Harvest by trimming. Low Fodmap food- Fructose friendly. Green vegetables are like the multivitamin of vegetables as they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals and much more.  Green can help detox your body, improve your vision and […]
  • Chives garlic Metric
    Chives Garlic is a clumping, grass-like herb with mild garlic flavour. Use for soups, salad or garnish. Harvest by trimming. Green vegetables are like the multivitamin of vegetables as they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals and much more.  Green can help detox your body, improve your vision and keep your heart healthy and […]
  • garlic 100mm
    Garlic is a perennial herb which forms a segmented bulb. Harvest summer when the leaves wither. Store bulbs in cool, dry place. White vegetables contain a valuable source of potassium that can help balance the mind and body. Reduce anxiety, balance your metabolism and nervous system with white vegetables. To see our full range of […]
  • Radicchio wraps with chickpea salad
    Ingredients: 6 Top Taste endive radicchio leaves 1 Top Taste Chilli Amigo Diablo seeds removed, chopped  2 Cloves Top Taste Garlic, crushed 2 tbs Olive oil 4 tbs Top Taste curly parsley, finely chopped 2 Cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed 150g feta cheese, diced Juice of 1/2 lemon  salt to taste  Method: Over low heat, in a […]
  • Spicy Pumpkin Dip
    This pumpkin dip is sure to be a hot entertainer. Not only tasty, but this dip is healthy too. Share and enjoy!  Ingredients: 1 onion, finely chopped 8 garlic cloves, finely chopped 3-4 tbls extra virgin olive oil 1 butternut pumpkin, peeled and diced 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp paprika ½ tsp ground ginger […]
  • Easy basil whole egg mayonnaise
    Basil Mayonnaise Ingredients 2 eggs 2 tbs white wine vinegar Pinch of salt 1 clove Top Taste garlic (optional) 2 cups sunflower oil 1 bunch Top Taste basil (about 1 cup of leaves)  Method:  Place eggs, vinegar, salt and garlic into a food processor and turn it onto medium-high. Gradually add the olive oil, at […]
  • Rainbow silverbeet pizza
    Ingredients: 2 cloves Top Taste garlic, minced 1 tsp of lemon zest 4tbs olive oil 5-6 stalks of Top Taste rainbow silverbeet, leaves sliced and stems finely chopped 1 Top Taste red onion, finely sliced  2 tbs lemon juice Parmesan cheese, grated Small tub of bocconcini 2 small pizza bases Salt to taste Method: Place your pizza […]
  • Beetroot Pesto
    Ingredients:  2 large or 3 small TopTaste globe beetroots, peeled and cooked (see tips)  1 clove of TopTaste garlic 80g pine nuts 100g parmesan cheese, grated  3/4 cup of olive oil  Salt to taste  Method: Peel your beetroot and chop up into small cubes. Add beetroot, garlic, and pine nuts to the blender.   While […]
  • Celery noodles with parsley pesto
    Ingredients 1 bunch freshly picked Top Taste Italian parsley  1 clove Top Taste garlic  1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese 1/4 cup pine nuts 1/2 cup good quality olive oil Half a bunch of Top Taste stringless celery 2 tsp olive oil Shaved parmesan, for garnish  Black pepper Method: In a food processor place the garlic, parsley, pine […]
  • Pan fried celeriac
    Pan Fried Celeriac Ingredients: 1 Diggers celeriac, diced 1 clove of Top Taste or Diggers garlic, crushed 4-5 sprigs of Top Taste Thyme  2 tbs Top Taste Italian parsley, finely chopped Sea Salt Olive oil Method: Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil Place the diced celeriac into the boiling water, and simmer […]
  • Chilli con carne
      Ingredients for Chilli con carne: 2 tbsp olive oil 2 Top Taste brown onions, chopped 2 Top Taste garlic cloves, crushed 500g lean beef mince 250ml/9fl oz red wine 400g can whole tomatoes, chopped 2 tbsp tomato paste 2 red TopTaste chillies, thinly sliced 1 green red TopTaste chilli, thinly sliced 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp paprika 1 beef stock cube Salt […]
  • Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe
    Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe United Nurseries huge range of gourmet tomatoes are ready for harvest, so if you’re not sure what to do with your new abundance of delicious tomatoes try our FRESH TOMATO PASTA SAUCE which will put the canned stuff to shame. Ingredients: • 1 tablespoon oil • A few fresh basil […]
  • Roasted capsicum salad
    Ingredients: Salad: 4 large Top Taste capsicums (we used 2 Amigo red and 2 Amigo gold), halved, stalk, pith and seeds removed.  Olive oil 1/2 Bunch Watercress, stalks removed Small Top Taste basil leaves for garnish Parmesan shaved for garnish  Pepper to taste Dressing: 1 Small Top Taste garlic clove, crushed  60mL Olive oil 2 tsb red wine vinegar  […]
  • Summer Gardening Tip & Tricks
    Australia’s summer is one of the harshest in the world. At its worst, survival is nearly impossible for many plants and animals (and on a 40-degree day it’s pretty hard for most humans too). Gardening in an Australian summer is a real struggle for most plants so extra attention must be paid to certain risks […]
  • Pizza Stuffed Capsicum
    As your capsicums grow in the backyard it’s important to keep a look-out for great recipes to use them in. Here’s one of our favourites at United Nurseries, PIZZA STUFFED CAPSICUMS: Ingredients: 3 capsicums, cut in half and seeded 200g mozzarella 150g ricotta 1/2 cup basil leaves, chopped 1 small onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, […]
  • Kale Crisps
    These kale crisps are light as a feather, crispy and deliciously full of flavour! They are super easy to make, and their main ingredient is incredibly healthy: With more iron than beef, more calcium than milk and crammed with vitamin A, C and K, kale is the super food king. This is one treat you and the […]