DIY beetroot lip & cheek tint

13 June 2014

This natural beetroot lip and cheek tint is fast and easy to make and gives both your lips, and cheeks a pretty pink tint.


Beetroot Pesto

11 June 2014

This beetroot pesto adds some brightly coloured, flavourful fun to your table. Try it in pasta, over roast vegetables, on bread, or experiment with the sweet, nutty-beetroot flavour this pesto offers. 


Preserved Garlic

6 June 2014

Too much garlic in your garden? Preserved garlic is easy to make and helps the garlic maintain its taste! This recipe not only lasts longer than your garlic would on its own, but it also tastes amazing! Use it as you would raw garlic, mix mashed pieces through butter for a delicious garlic butter, or slice through salad.


Roasted Garlic

4 June 2014

Roasted garlic is a truly yummy way to eat garlic. It can be used on its own, spread on warm bread as an appetiser or in replace of raw garlic for a new twist on your favourite recipes. [/intro] Ingredients: Top Taste garlic Good quality olive oil Method: Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius […]


Squash Sliders

27 May 2014

These squash sliders are fun, healthy and full of flavour! If you ask us, we might even say that they are better than a conventional burger!


Rosemary infused olive oil

21 May 2014

This homemade rosemary infused olive oil is absolutely delicious, it can be used just like your regular olive oil, and adds a beautiful rosemary flavour to your dishes. You can also use this as a muscle relaxing soak in the bath! [/intro] Ingredients: 500mL Olive Oil 1 bunch Top Taste rosemary¬† 2 250mL glass bottles […]