Asparagus Atlas 100mm

Asparagus officinalis Atlas

Product #9323584067339

Asparagus Atlas produces dark green spears with a purple tinge, and with slightly tapered tips. High resistance to fusarium, asparagus rust and Cercospora foliar disease.
Harvest spears lightly first season. Following seasons harvest by slicing spear just below soil level with knife, before spear heads fan out.
Serve steamed with butter/ sauce or lemon juice.

Green vegetables are like the multivitamin of vegetables as they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals and much more.  Green can help detox your body, improve your vision and keep your heart healthy and happy.

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Planting Guide

Plant crowns in trench and cover with compost. Keep watered. In autumn, cut and compost yellowing foliage, as plant goes into dormancy. End of winter fertilise soil.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Height 20-30cm
  •   Plant 30-40cm Apart