About Us

United Nurseries is a national group of eight leading wholesale nurseries. As leaders in the Australian marketplace, we work together to provide you with the widest range of quality seedlings and potted plants. We are also the importers of the NEW Berry United range which includes the Pineberry (Pineapple Strawberry/Reverse Strawberry,) the Bubbleberry (Bubblegum Strawberry) and the Strasberry (Raspberry Strawberry).

We travel the world to find the best new varieties and forgotten gems, and we bring them to you. Our products are grown and acclimatised to the area you live in, ensuring that our plants tolerate your local climatic conditions.

Our nurseries range in size from the largest in the Southern Hemisphere to smaller, regional operations. Combined our growers have generations of experience. This extensive network of shared knowledge ensures every gardener has the best success growing our plants and seedlings.