United Nurseries offer a Wealth of Experience…

Originally formed in May 1997 United Nurseries are a Co-Operative of family owned and operated wholesale plant nurseries who grow and supply seedlings and potted edible and flowering plants all over Australia. Prior to joining forces each of the nurseries grew and supplied their local markets with quality plants for many years, in most cases decades. Australian gardeners are the winners with:

  • Access to the best range of seedlings and edible and flowering potted plants in Australia, regardless of where you live.
  • The confidence that your United Nurseries products have been grown and acclimatised in your local area by industry leading professionals who have been operating in your area for many years, understanding the climatic conditions that you experience.
  • Continually improving quality by sharing of knowledge and experience between members at regular meetings.
  • Access to the best new varieties from around the word as a result of strong long standing relationships with international plant breeders, in some cases being their exclusive Australian agent.
  • Access to the most up to date advances in the international market due to an ongoing travel program visiting trade shows and business facilities around the globe.
  • Strong relationships with major Australian gardening retailers ensuring that they are kept abreast of the latest trends in the international market place.

Remember, all United Nurseries’ are family owned businesses who can provide you with quality plants Australia wide, fresh from our nurseries to your garden centre. We form a powerful team, making United Nurseries a market leader committed to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction achieved with the delivery of exceptional quality products, backed by innovative packaging, nation-wide promotions, advertising and promotional materials.