Eggplant Mini Lebanese 100mm

Solanum melongena

Product #9323584065021

Eggplant Mini Lebanese is a high yielding eggplant with slender, elongated, dark fruit formed in clusters, on a vigorous plant. Mini Lebanese can be grown in large pot or garden. Best harvested when fruit size 8cm length/ 1 to 2cm diameter.

Purple vegetables are often rich in antioxidants and loaded with Anthocyanin giving vegetables a purple, blue or redish colour. Purify your body and enjoy these anti- viral and anti- inflammatory benefits.

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Planting Guide

Cultivate soil with compost before planting. If in a pot, use premium potting mix. Place stake in planting hole with plant and backfill. Water and liquid feed regularly. Feed with high potassium fertilizer when fruit swell.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Plant 60cm Apart
  •   Stake
  •   Water Regularly