Eggplant Bonica 100mm

Solanum melongena

Product #9323584106847

Eggplant Bonica is a high yielding eggplant with black, shiny fruit on vigorous plant. It can be grown in large pot or garden. Harvest when full colour before wrinkling develops.

Purple vegetables are often rich in antioxidants and loaded with Anthocyanin giving vegetables a purple, blue or redish colour. Purify your body and enjoy these anti- viral and anti- inflammatory benefits.

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Planting Guide

Cultivate soil with compost before planting. If in a pot, use premium potting mix. Place stake in planting hole with plant and back-fill. Water and liquid feed regularly. Feed with high potassium fertilizer when fruit swell.

  •   Bed or Container
  •   Full Sun
  •   Plant 60cm Apart
  •   Stake Medium
  •   Water Regularly