Panola Flemington


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Panola Flemington is a bright blend of red, blue, yellow, blue with face, primrose, mauve and white with inky purple face.

It’s not a pansy – It’s not a viola – It’s a Panola™! Panolas™ will flower abundantly and freely for months. The secret is in the breeding – Panolas™ are the only true cross between pansies and violas. This means that they have the larger flowers of pansies and the free flowering characteristics of violas. So it’s easy to colour your garden, simply plant Panolas™!

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Planting Guide

Cultivate well draining soil with compost before planting. Water and liquid feed regularly. If planting in a container use premium potting mix for optium results.

  •   Bed or Container
  •   Height 15-20cm
  •   Plant 20cm