Pansy Carrington Serenity Elite

Viola x wittrockiana

Product #9323584062358

The Pansy Carrington Collection is a selection of the worlds finest F1 hybrid pansies. Carrington has been selected for their outstanding performance and unsurpassed flowering. Carrington exhibit strong vigour and withstand the extremes of temperature, while maintaining a neat, compact habit. Carrington Serenity produces abundant blooms of stunning white with a bright yellow face. The flowers are fabulously large, up to 9cm across! Despite their huge size, the pansies have strong stems that stand up well to show off the flowers.


Planting Guide

Cultivate well draining soil with compost before planting. Water and liquid feed regularly. If planting in a container use premium potting mix for optium results.

  •   Bed or Container
  •   Full Sun/Part Shade
  •   Height 15-20cm
  •   Plant Apart 20cm