Pansy Jive Wild Thing elite king punnet

Viola x wittrockiana

Product #9323584065038

Pansy ‘Wild Things’ range bloom in spontaneous colours and frilled, ruffled petal edges. Pansy Jive Mix is a striking, ruffle edged pansy mix with good weather resistance. Jive Mix has yellow petals with a dark face bleeding to fine veins. Variations within the mix will occur, some with mauve petal backs.

Wild Things series from United Nurseries are individual, colourful, different and ever so slightly untamed. They are a ‘free spirit’ in your garden, bold and beautiful.


Planting Guide


Cultivate well draining soil with compost before planting. Water and liquid feed regularly. If planting in a container use premium potting mix for optimum results.


  •   Bed or Container
  •   Full Sun/Part Shade
  •   Height 15-20cm
  •   Plant 20cm