Tomato Beefsteak 100mm

Lycopersicon esculentum

Product #9323584019765

Tomato Beefsteak is a mid season tomato producing large fruit, weighing over 300 grams. The plants are disease resistant and set an abundance of fruit. Beef Steak is excellent for sandwiches, cooking and preserves.


Planting Guide

Select a sunny position ensuring the soil is well drained and friable. Add tomato food or a mixture of organic fertiliser. Cultivate thoroughly, embed a strong 2m stake beside your plant, tethering to a stake as the plant grows will keep your fruit off the ground, healthy and clean. Water in well after planting then keep moist but not soaking. To avoid disease do not water leaves, always water at the base. A further application of fertiliser can be applied during the growing season.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Large Fruit
  •   Plant 1m apart
  •   Stake