Zucchini Black Max F1 - Gold Standard

Cucurbita pepo

Product #9323584003016

F1 hybrids are the result of crossing 2 plants from the same family creating a superior variety. This process occurs natureally and is simply recreated using natural breeding techniques. Depending on varieties, F1 hybrids sport superior growing habits, disease resistance, high yields and a great flavour.
Absolutely NO G.M.O’s.

This round, dark green zucchini boasts an extremely high yield of tasty zucchinis. With a tolerance to sun burning, Zucchini Black Max F1 will prevail in harsh sunlight whilst boasting a stunning, larger than usual, yellow flower.


Planting Guide

Keep moist in dry weather and protect from snails, slugs and frost. Before planting, mix in compost and complete garden fertiliser. Use premium potting mix for containers for best results. Liquid feed regularly.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Plant 80cm Apart
  •   Water Regularly