DIY colander planter

This upcycled DIY planter made from an old colander can be used as a standing planter or a hanging basket. You can use this planter for flowers, herbs, fruit or vegetables! We used a Colour Your Life stock mix in our planter, which smells wonderful and works great as a colander planter!


Colander (we bought ours for $2 from the local Op shop)

Weed control mat (available from you local garden supply store)

Premium potting mix

Plants suitable for baskets



2x 1m of chain (choose the size you like)

3x Chain split links



  1. Cut a circle of weed control mat to fit inside your colander (don’t worry if it overlaps and doesn’t fit perfectly)
  2. Cut 1cm slits at regular intervals in the weed mat for drainage
  3. Place the weed mat inside the colander and arrange plants on top. Put the biggest plants in the middle, and smaller plants on the outside.
  4. Fill with potting mix
  5. Water well

For hanging basket:

  1. Attach one half of the chain to a handle of the colander with a split link
  2. Attach the other piece of chain to the other side using the same method
  3. Connect the loose ends of chain together using the third split link
  4. Hang from a sturdy hook