DIY up-cycled herb garden

Make mum a trendy up-cycled herb garden for under $20 this Mother’s Day! All you need is some¬†Top Taste herb seedlings, milk cartons and twine.¬†


  1. Wash out milk cartons and let dry
  2. Rule a straight line around each milk carton where you would like to cut it (We cut at 11cm)
  3. Cut the milk carton with scissors along your line.
  4. Turn your cartons upside down and create some drainage holes in the bottom.
  5. Paint your milk cartons and let dry (we used three coats of white acrylic paint)
  6. Paint a thin layer of glue where you would like to stick the twine. Get creative and stick down some twine!
  7. Take your herb seedlings out of their pots. Plant in your new cartons and top with potting mix.
  8. Water and enjoy!