Curry plant 100mm

Helichrysum italicum

Product #9323584068152

Curry Plant is a perennial shrub with aromatic curry scented, silver leaves, bearing yellow flowers summer to autumn period. Culinary use: sparingly in mayonnaise or chicken cavity. Smell deters cats, oil soothes burns and raw chapped skin.

Yellow vegetables contain pigments called Carotenoids. These pigments can help support your immune system, improve vision and aide in inner cellular regeneration.

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Planting Guide

Tolerates high winds and coastal salt conditions. Water moderately once established. Prune to maintain compactness. Before planting, mix in compost and complete garden fertilizer. Use premium potting mix for containers for best results. Liquid feed regularly.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Height 30cm
  •   Plant 60cm Apart
  •   Pot or Garden Bed