Lettuce Mix Heirloom 4-Pack

Lactucs sativa

Product #9323584064611

Lettuce Mix Heirloom 4-Pack is a spin on the classic kitchen staple featuring:

Freckles: A soft butter lettuce freckled with bright purple.

Goldrush: Curly foliage that adds texture to your garden and your salads.

Australian Yellow Leaf: Soft lime-green leaves. Stunning colour stands out in the garden.

Flame: Produces soft, bright red loose lettuce leaves.

Harvest in 6-8 weeks.

Green vegetables are like the multivitamin of vegetables as they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals and much more.  Green can help detox your body, improve your vision and keep your heart healthy and happy.

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Planting Guide

Plant in garden bed or large pot with well draining soil. Liquid feed for optimum results. Maintain moisture and prevent weeds by adding mulch.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Height 20cm
  •   Plant 30cm Apart