• Asian Greens Heirloom 4-Pack

    A collection of our favourite Asian Greens Heirloom’s including: Pak Choi Red: Crunchy, signature red leaves with crunchy texture. Pak Choi: Thick succulent leaves commonly used in soups and stir fries. Tatsoi: Nutty flavoured dark green leaves produced in a gorgeous rosette. Yukina: Tasty leaves produced in a robust, upright habit. Harvest all within 60 […]

  • Capsicum Mini Mix 4-Pack

    Capsicum Mini Mix produces incredibly sweet miniature capsicums in bright red and stunning yellow. Great fresh in salads or stuffed as an eye-catching entree! Yellow vegetables contain pigments called Carotenoids. These pigments can help support your immune system, improve vision and aide in inner cellular regeneration. Red vegetables contain Lycopene, a natural pigment that can […]

  • Lettuce Mix Heirloom 4-Pack

    Lettuce Mix Heirloom 4-Pack is a spin on the classic kitchen staple featuring: Freckles: A soft butter lettuce freckled with bright purple. Goldrush: Curly foliage that adds texture to your garden and your salads. Australian Yellow Leaf: Soft lime-green leaves. Stunning colour stands out in the garden. Flame: Produces soft, bright red loose lettuce leaves. […]

  • Silverbeet Rainbow Heirloom 4-Pack

    Silverbeet Rainbow produces vibrant mix of colours that make you forget how incredibly healthy this vegetable is! A best seller in the 1800’s and now a classic heirloom full of nutrients. Harvest in 60 days.

  • Tomato Allans Early Red 4-Pack

    A delicious 4-Pack of Allans Early Red. a flavoursome, early maturing Beef Steak featuring a beautiful contrast of red and green. With a superb flavour, Allans Early Red is ideal for salads, cooking, preserves and sauces. Select a sunny position ensuring soil is well drained and friable. Stake required.

  • Tomato Heirloom 4-Pack – Favourites Mix

    Our Favourites Mix is a collection of our sweetest and most unique looking fruits, including: Tigerella: Delicious mini tomato with signature orange stripes. Principe Borgese: Mini roma tomato, great for sun-drying! Tommy Toe: Very popular, bright red, bite sized tomato. Green Zebra: Eye-catching green tomato with yellow stripes.

  • Tomato Heirloom 4-Pack – Sunshine Mix

    Sunshine Mix is a collection of our brightest and tastiest heirloom tomatoes including: Beam’s Yellow: Bright yellow pear shaped tomatoes. Red Fig: Red pear shaped tomatoes, ripens quickly. Cherry Roma: Versatile sweet and spicy mini tomato. Lemon Drop: Incredibly yellow and round bite-sized tomatoes.