• Tomato Beefsteak Medley metric

    A fun and vibrant mix of 8, colourful Beefsteak tomatoes. This Beefsteak medley is a classic collection of heirlooms that should be harvested late in the season for maximum ripeness and flavour.

  • Tomato Cherry Roma metric

    Tomato Cherry Roma produces incredibly versatile sweet and spicy fruit that can be cooked however you like or just eaten raw. Harvest in 18-20 weeks.

  • Tomato Green Zebra metric

    Tomato Green Zebra is a modern classic with a zesty flavour that produces green fruit with unique yellow stripes.

  • Tomato Principe Borgehese metric

    Tomato Principe Borgehese are perfect for sun drying! A mini-roma shaped Italian heirloom that’s low in sugar and great for pots or balcony gardens as there’s no staking required.

  • Tomato Tigerella metric

    Tomato Tigerella produces incredibly high yields of small, yellow streaked tomatoes with outstanding flavour.

  • Tomato Tommy Toe metric

    Tommy Toe is one of the most iconic heirlooms in Australia. Produces small fruit with a suburb taste. Harvest in 10 weeks.