Strawberry Hokowase 100mm

Fragaria x ananassa

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Strawberry Hokowase is a deliciously sweet acid free strawberry originating from Japan. The fruits are a gorgeous bright red, wedge-shaped and medium to large.


Planting Guide

Planting Guide: Select a sunny section ensuring that the soil is well drained and friable. For best results add animal manure and compost. Cultivate thoroughly. Plant 40cm apart. Water well until established. Alternatively strawberry plants can be planted through black plastic. This reduces both weeds and watering while keeping the fruit clean. For small gardens trawberries can be grown in baskets and tubs. For best results use a premium potting mix and liquid feeding after plants are established. Strawberries need to be harvested regularly every three or four days as this enables new fruit to develop to full maturity.

  •   Full Sun
  •   Large to Medium Fruit