• Strawberry Alinta 100mm

    Australian bred Strawberry Alinta produces large, glossy berries with a fine flavour. Alinta is disease resistant and perfect for the home garden. This variety has a long fruiting period, approximately 9 months in most areas, compared to traditional varieties.    

  • Strawberry Amsterdam Roze 100mm

    Strawberry Amsterdam Roze is a sweet tasting, bi-conical, medium sized strawberry with attractive flowers in a stunning deep rose. The plants are compact and fruit throughout the entire summer period.

  • Strawberry Big Kamu 100mm

    Strawberry Big Kamu is a sweet flavoured, large, ruby red, wedge shaped strawberry.

  • Strawberry Bubbleberry 120mm

    The Bubbleberry Strawberry is a high yielding, Heirloom variety with fragrant, soft pink strawberry fruits. It is sweet tasting in flavour with a bubblegum/mixed berry undertone. This heirloom variety, was popular in 19th Century, and referenced in Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’. Best consumed when pink.  

  • Strawberry Cobaki Red 100mm

    Cobaki Red is a juicy, medium, conical, red strawberry with sweet flavour and moderately strong growth habit. Select a sunny section ensuring that the soil is well drained and friable.

  • Strawberry Hokowase 100mm

    Strawberry Hokowase is a deliciously sweet acid free strawberry originating from Japan. The fruits are a gorgeous bright red, wedge-shaped and medium to large.

  • Strawberry Juliette 100mm

    Strawberry Juliette is a  high yielding variety producing sweet, large, rich red coloured, conical shaped strawberry fruit.

  • Strawberry Pink 100mm

    Strawberry Pink is a high yielding variety that produces pretty pink flowers, followed by abundant medium sized, sweet fruit.

  • Strawberry Red Gauntlet 100mm

    Strawberry Red Gauntlet produces medium sized, sweet fruit on vigorous plants, over a long period.

  • Strawberry Schizam 100mm

    Strawberry Schizam is a flavoursome, large, deep red, conical shaped strawberry.

  • Strawberry Strasberry 120mm

    The Strasberry strawberry produces plump, juicy deep seeded fruit. Raspberry like in appearance, it is a sweet tasting, hardy strawberry with a mild, raspberry flavor. Requires a red strawberry to pollinate.  

  • Strawberry Sumo 100mm

    Strawberry Sumo produces high yields of super large, fragrant, delicious fruit. Virus indexed certified.

  • Strawberry Sweetheart 100mm

    Strawberry Sweetheart produces a profusion of small, coreless, delicious fruit.

  • Strawberry Sweetheart Metric

    Sweetheart is a variety of sweet, small, red strawberry fruit productively over a long period of time. Use fresh or in preserves. To protect growing fruit from soil by using protective layer of straw mulch.

  • Strawberry Tioga 100mm

    Strawberry Tioga is a high yielding variety producing large, sweet fruit on vigorous plants.