• Strawberry Bubbleberry Hanging Basket

    The Bubbleberry Strawberry is a high yielding, Heirloom variety with fragrant, soft pink strawberry fruits. It is sweet tasting in flavour with a bubblegum/mixed berry undertone. This heirloom variety, was popular in 19th Century, and referenced in Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’. Best consumed when pink.

  • Strawberry Pineberry hanging basket

    Strawberry Pineberry is a hybrid-cross variety with fragrant, white flesh fruit, with red seeds, and white blooms. Beautiful in appearance with flavor notes of strawberry and pineapple.  If grown in full sun, fruit may have a blush tint. Fruit is best consumed cold. Requires a red strawberry to pollinate in order to fruit.

  • Strawberry Strasberry Hanging Basket

     Strawberry Strasberry produces plump, juicy deep seeded fruit. Raspberry like in appearance, it is a sweet tasting, hardy strawberry with a mild, raspberry flavor. Requires a red strawberry to pollinate.