Gift Pot Wrap - Two For One

This is the perfect way to gift wrap a square pot plant. It looks pretty and is a two for one present, utilising a tea towel, scarf or handkerchief to wrap the plant. Your recipient will be delighted! 

[caption id="attachment_5463" align="alignnone" width="218"]gift warp pot Two for one gift wrapping[/caption]

Gift Wrapping Instructions

  1. Cut a square of aluminium foil to cover your pot
  2. Cover your pot with foil. We do this so the fabric does not stain from the potting mix.
  3. Fold your fabric into a square that is around 3 times taller than your pot plant (see image) 
    Gift wrapped pot

    How to gift wrap your pot

    Place your pot plant in the middle of the fabric, so the corners of the fabric meet with the flat sides of the pot.

  4. Hold up the corner that sits at the back of the pot and the two side corners.
  5. Fold the excess material that groups between the corners into triangles at the back of the pot (like shown in the first image on the front of the pot), and secure with safety pins.
  6. Repeat step six on the front.
  7. Tie some twine or matching ribbon tightly around the pot
  8. Take out the safety pins and gift to someone special!


It does not matter if your fabric is not square. As you can see in the photo we have folded our rectangle tea towel on both sides to make a square that is the perfect size to wrap our pot.

Use a fabric colour that contrasts with your flower to really stand out, or a matching fabric for a romantic look.